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By studying Tamil as a tamilian,we comes to know about our literature which gives the spirit,that we are Tamilian
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English is a prestigious language. By learning English one can easily survive in this competitive world.
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The future of mathematics is a topic that has been written about by many notable mathematicians. Typically, they are motivated by a desire to set a research agenda to direct efforts to specific problems, or a wish to clarify, update and extrapolate the way that sub disciplines relate to the general discipline of mathematics and its possibilities
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Physical Science

Physical science is used to learn about the machinery things. It is used to know about our daily life activities which is related to science. It increases the interest and scientific attitude. It is used to discover innovative ideas or concepts.
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Biology is a living science, in which changing knowledge continually generates fresh perspectives and fresh opportunities for productive impacts on our society.
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Computer Science

Learning computer science makes us to think anything in a innovative manner. The field of computer science will always improve continuously according to the moving world. Mainly, we can earn more and life will be settled quickly than any other field.
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A country's culture,discipline,Justice and Principles are all known through study of history.
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Geography is perhaps one of the most ancient sciences of the world.It is mainly the study of mankind.Ultimately,geography was divided into various sciences like astronomy,geology,metrology and oceanography.
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Physical Education

Physical education (often abbreviated Phys. Ed. or P.E.) or gymnastics (gym or gym class) is a course taken during primary and secondary education.
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